You Know What I Did This Summer by Caroline Flack

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Outfit Envy

I always struggle with what to wear to a wedding.

I’m not typically a “girly girl” and weddings to me scream “FLORAL AND HATS.” 

So this week, I was mighty impressed with celebrity hairdresser and my good friend Lou Teasdale’s Saint Laurent jumpsuit. Not only did she look impeccably groomed and beautiful, but also really unique and wedding appropriate.

She wore her silver blonde hair loose and wavy (very Game of Thrones) even adding a little summery garland (twigs to you and me).

If I did that, people would assume I’d fallen asleep in my back garden. Anyway.. I love this look and thanks Lou for offering for me to borrow this Saint Lauren masterpiece but I eat wayyyyyyyy too many burgers…sigh.

miapolicaro: Casual dinner with @louteasdale

jesstaagram: #tbt MAJOR selfies @louteasdale 😜 aaaaace 💙💚

louteasdale: #tbt set tramps @lucyjbridge @emiozmen


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