Anonymous: "Lou and sam organized the party where niall attended?"

Anonymous: "Where are you finding all these older pics? x"

We got lots of them from facebook ages ago, some web albums, instagram. xx

Anonymous: "what's '' hull '' ?"

part of the uk where tom grew up x

Anonymous: "How come she isn't with lux every often"

She was? There are lots of times we don’t see them at all so we don’t know what they did. And they got lots of friends and family so lux obviously spends some time with other people too and lou was busy recently with the book x

Anonymous: "Is lou with lux in hull orrrr"

no only tom

Anonymous: "Do you have any photo of Lou in high school?"

we got pics of her when she was younger here and some of the last years over here

Anonymous: "I saw you talking that Lux looks like Tom. Can you show any picture of him when kid?"

he posted a few on his instagram xx

Anonymous: "What's Lou, Tom and Lux middlename?"

don’t have any

Anonymous: "How long does Lou know Tom?"

i think first pics i saw are from 2007

sfeno6: Please can I have an egg?…

nicolelevypr: bleach bunny babe @louteasdale 🐰💕 #happyeaster

Anonymous: "Okay:( i wanted to be your friend"

ooh but you can talk to us off anon :)

Anonymous: "How old are you then?):"

we dont like to share personal stuff here, sorry x